Monday, February 15, 2016

Frida Kahlo Artist Layout

This story is an excerpt from Frida Kahlo's diary on pages 100-103. She titled it "Origin of the Two Fridas = Memory" All the text is taken directly from her diary, and it's her explaining a memory of her imaginary friend from when she was 6 years old.

"I must have been 6 years old when I had the intense experience of an imaginary friendship with a little girl..roughly my own age."
"On the windows of my old room, facing Allende Street, I used to breathe on one of the top panes"
"and with my finger I would draw a door"
"through that door  Iwould come out, in my imagination"
and hurriedly, with immense happiness, I would cross all the field until I reached a dairy store called PINZON.."
"...through the "O" in PINZON I entered..."

"...And descended impetuously to the entrails of the earth.."
"where my imaginary friend always waited for me."
"I don't remember her appearance or her color"
"But I do remember her joyfulness, she laughed a lot. Soundlessly"
"She was agile. And danced as if she were weightless."
"I followed her in every movement and while she danced, I told her my secret problems.."

"which ones?"
"I can't remember" 
"But from my voice she knew all about my affairs.."
"When I came back to the window, I would enter through the same door I had drawn on the glass." 
"When? How long had I been with 'her'?"
"I don't know."
"It could have been a second or thousands of years...I was happy."
" would erase the 'door' with my hand,"
"and it would 'disappear.'"

"I ran with my secret and my joy to the farthest corner of the patio of my house.."
"and always to the same place, under a Cedron tree,"
"I would shout and laugh, amazed to be alone with my great happiness with the very vivid memory of the little girl."
"It has been 34 years since I lived that magical friendship, and every time I remember it,"
"It comes alive and grows more and more inside my world."

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