Monday, February 15, 2016

Sydney Sieh-Takata Artist comic layout

Page 1

Panel 1-Paris, St. Germaine  District 1922

Louise Bourgeois narration panel 2: My mother was quite clever...

Panel 4 dialog between 2 tapestry repair workers:
woman 1- Did Madam Bourgeois sell that 18th century Oriental we finished last week?
woman 2- No, that wealthy American ended up buying the Italian one.

Louise Bourgeois narration continued Panel 5: Much more than I...

Panel 6 dialog between Louise and her mother:
Josephine Bourgeois- Louise, it's time for dinner.
Louise- I'm almost done drawing in the figures for this tapestry. I'll be there soon, Maman.

Panel 7
Louise's narration- And now it is time for my father's dreaded "entertainment."
Louis Bourgeois dialog- Look closely, Louise.

Page 2

Panel 1 Louise's father's dialog continues- Here is the head...
Panel 2- the sex...
Panel 3- the legs...
Panel 4- and voila!
Panel 5- I thought this was you, Louise.
Panel 6- But, it can't be because you have nothing there.

Panel 7 Louise's narration- My father wanted a son.
caption- elder sister Henriette
Panel 8- I was afraid not to measure up.
caption- Maman
Panel 9 caption- younger brother Pierre

Page 3

Panel 1 Louise's dialog- Miss Sadie, I finished the worksheets for today. Will you check them?
Panel 2 Louise's narration: French men have their little betrayals.
Panel 7 Louise's narration: The mother is supposed to forgive.
I want to destroy them.

Page 4

Panel 1 Louise's narration: The spider is a repairer.
Panel 2: If you bash into the web of a spider,
Panel 3: she doesn't get mad,
Panel 4: she weaves,
Panel 5: and repairs it.
Panel 7: Art is a guarantee of sanity.

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