Monday, February 15, 2016

Henry Darger sketch

page 1:
Henry Darger lived as an isolate his whole life. His mother died and his father was sick.
At school he was bullied. [kids yelling “Crazy!”]
He was sent to live at a children’s mental asylum.
After 7 years, he and his friends escaped. He travelled to Chicago by foot. He walked the whole 173 miles.
(The butterfly wings and giant flowers are reminiscent of his work.)

page 2:
As an adult, he was known as…
a janitor, anti-social, a devout Christian
He only spoke about the weather, or to himself.
[ - "how are you?"
- "have you heard about the storm in Arkansas?"]
But he had a lot to say.

page 3:
In The Realms of the Unreal 7 Vivian princesses rebel against child slavery in a great war.
(This page is setup like his paintings- unsure of the layout)

page 4:
Henry Darger
1892 - 1973
protector of children
(his grave and more characters from his work)

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