Monday, February 15, 2016

4 pg Vince Story

I originally wanted to interview an artist I know and illustrate the story in his words, but he wasn't able to in time for the layout. So instead I illustrated the theoretical "real" story of how Vincent VanGogh lost his ear in a fight with his friend Paul Gauguin because I think that's interesting.
VV-Excuse me?
PG-I'm going back to Paris. I'm leaving you. Call it what you will, but I'm going going gone...
VV-Paul, can we talk about this later? My metabolism...
PG-There's noting to talk about, my old friend.
VV-You're not leaving now! We are the artistic community here.
PG-Vince, it... it's not working.
(tries to grab PG's epe)
PG-No you DON'T
PG-Vincent? Oh, shit. Vincent... Your ear..
VV-It's okay... it's... right here. Go.
VV-Get out of here. You're right. This isn't working.
VV-I won't tell. They'll take care of me. I love you old friend. I love...
Prostitute character-Hey, Vince. I was hoping I'd see you around here.
VV-I honestly just need to use your bathroom.
(she faints)
VV-I guess I'll just let myself in?
(bandages ear)
VV-How's that for a painting idea...

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