Monday, February 15, 2016

Artist comic - layout

Page 1 text:
I discovered at an early age that drawing would relax me.
To this day, my pet hate remains being interrupted when I’m drawing.
Which actually happens a lot. You know, people dropping into the studio.

Page 2 text:
Some people think it’s because I’m shy. Which I am.
I have a problem with making eye-contact or holding eye contact with people.
But when I’m drawing, I just love being in that zone.

Page 3 text:
And so I tend to love being in a room on my own... with the door shut.
Drawing is easy. Being social is not.
But that changed when I met Damon.

Page 4 text:
For some reason we decided to get a flat together.
We'd spend hours watching MTV and wondering why everything on it was so terrible.
I think Damon was tired of being the frontman for Blur.
So we said "let's make a fake band."
And so Gorillaz was born.

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