Monday, February 15, 2016

Artist Guillermo Del Toro

This is a very rough sketch of my comic using Guillermo Del Toro's style. I used a tragic love story told about a castle in my parent's home town in Italy for the concept and gave it a ghostly edge. The love story is about a baroness who is married but finds lover, she is then killed by her father and her lover killed by her husband. It is said that her bloody handprint is still on a wall in the castle today.
I wanted to give it the same feeling as a film directed by Del Toro by making the ghost seem ominous at first and then helpful/ lifesaving in the end.

Begins with a man and woman on a date in some restaurant.
Zoom in on woman, "I'm really having a nice ti-"
Man, "You wanna get out of here?"
Woman confused,"Where would we go?"
Man,"I know a secret entrance to a castle not to far from here, come on let's go."
Woman finishes her wine,"um Ok."

Go to outside castle,
W,"It's just like how I remember it."
M,"you've been here before?"
Go to flashback of girl with a group of school kids.
W,"yeah when I was younger. It was a field trip for a history class I think. They told us there was a baroness who was killed by her father after she took a lover."
Panel shows camera lens with mysterious figure. Flashback over.
M, "Are you coming?"
W, snaps out of flashback,"oh, yeah."

Woman alone in castle entrance, "Hey where'd you go?"
Goes up staircase and enters castle. Inside finds bloody handprint on wall, looks up and sees a ghostly woman walking down the hall.
Woman follows to a window where ghost disappears. She turns around to see the man holding a  piece of wood about to strike her. She ducks. As he lunges forward a pair of red hands push him out the window over the woman. Woman jumps up and looks out window then turns around to see the same ghostly woman walking away down the hall.

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