Wednesday, September 30, 2015


European Comics and the Absurd 

  • Not all characters need to be nice
  • It can literally be about anything
                we live in an age of criticism 
  • "I find it weird how one work can be more popular than the other."
  • Make use of Facebook and other mass networking sites
  • When using paint, and if scanned, the Internet supposedly makes it look "better." Since the texture that traditional medium creates is so unique.
Its a small, small, small press world
Q:What makes you start publishing your comics to publishing other people's comics?
A: If they can make comics faster then they can make money faster also. However, since that is not possible they use their connections in order to publish others. (Retrofit)

All of these publishing companies all started for their love comics.

Standard run for prints: 1300

Being mentioned on a blog not about comics is much better than getting mentioned on a blog about comics.

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