Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sequential Art- Devon Bragg

Plot Summary/Background: A man named Hubert Johnson has just been released from his duties as a soldier and is returning home after his long post in battle. He is not an important man, was merely a soldier among thousands and is just like any other man, supporting and protecting his home. He walks many miles to his home, hoping his wife and daughter are still waiting for him, but he is unsure of what lies beyond. His house is perched on a small dot of land in the middle of the lake and he is desperate to reach it. With no boat in sight he takes the plunge, his final struggle to return home. "The final stretch." He wades through the water, struggling to stay afloat as he carries the fabric sack which holds all the belongings he left with. Tired and weakened already he barely makes it to the shore where his house rests. Taking a moment to clutch the dirt in his hands of his home, almost in disbelief that he has made it this far, he is then greeted by his wife and daughter who are just as happy to see him, as he is to see them. Overwhelmed with joy he finally gets what he has dreamed of for all the time he was away and embraces his family once again. 
(Based off of when my grandfather returned from WW2)
 Template Page 1
 Template page 2
 Sketches Page 1
 Sketches Page 2
 style 1: Flat black/white hues, with light shading textures to define certain area, details and lines are black
Style 2: Texture focused style, slightly abstracted in areas, details and lines done in white to add emphasis
Page 1: digital sketch

page 2: digital sketch

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