Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Caravaggio (michaelangelo merini) murder story layout

4. "no, i can't do it."
5. "im not a murderer, I can't kill a man."
6. 'besides, he is a pimp, he might have gangster friends."
7. "i have to clear my mind"
8. "ill go for a drink"

11. "hey, Michelangelo! what are you doing here? come over!"
12. "sit! sit sit sit sit."
13. a. "how are things?"  b. "well, you know"
14.  a. "what the hell are you doing?"  b. "hey fellas! this is my friend Michelangelo Merini, he is a famous painter.  he goes by the name Caravaggio!"

15. a "you'll like this guy.  he's really funny."  b. "sup man"
16. "whats up with a little beard?  is that a painter thing?"
18. "im gonna get going."
20. "what the hell was that about why the F*ck would someone do something like that to a dude?"
21. 'is that because i am a painter? they think im weak?  like Ill let go a disrespect like that?"

1. "Oh i bet that pimp tomasoni thinks like that, too.  taking my lover? thats the ultimate disrespect."
2. "my sweet Fillide, we had a good thing going yes she is a hooker, but we had a connection I swear."
24. ' I bet they are F*cking right now. that dirty little bastard. with his filthy thug body, disgusting."
25. "I have to kill the guy.  there is no other option, my body wants it, my mind wants it."
26. "it is the right thing to do.  he soiled my good name, my honor.  a Meridi did not move to Napoli to be humiliated in such a way.  think of my father. he will be ashamed of me if I let this go.  god wills for it."

28. "I know where he usually is at this time of night."  
30. a. "so I was like, yo, the money's over there, and the f*cker believed it, haha."  b. "hey tomassoni!"
31. "who the hell is it?"

36. "where do you think you're going, man?"
37. "hey,   hey, hey hey hey."
38. "come on,.  stand down."
39" I'm only just gonna cut your balls, okay?"
40 a. "AAAAAHAAHAHAargh!"  b. "sh---shshshshshshseesh."
41 "auuuaaaagh..."
42. "...yeah, that's right."
43. "i'm Caravaggio."

speech in panels

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