Thursday, September 24, 2015

Page 1:
Names Listed next to the correct panel (Left to right): Elizabeth Shippen Green, Violet Oakley, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Henrietta Cozen.

Page 2:
-We met at the Drexel institute, the three of us studying under Howard Pyle where he gave us our nick name.
-We moved in together to the old inn with my roommate Henrietta,
-and we promised that we would stick together.
-Even later on, when we moved to our self named Cogslea home.

Page 3:
-We called each other our sisters and we built our careers together.
-We got a Dog named Prince, and had our parents and siblings around often
- and we were happy and successful

Page 4:
- the Papers deemed us examples of the New Woman, successful and all about our careers.
-Living together worked and we lived our lives together
-until eventually Elizabeth made the decision to be married, which meant leaving us.

Page 5:
- Violet was especially unhappy, and in 1911 we all moved away from each other, except for Henrietta and I.
- The arguing didn’t last long, despite what the papers had to say about it. and we wrote so many letters between us all.

Page 6:
- No matter what everyone said; and oh did they talk about us, it made Elizabeth so mad; We continued on with our work and calling each other sister even as we no longer lived together as the Red Rose Girls. 

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