Saturday, October 3, 2015


LIFE, DEATH AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN featured Jennifer Hayden (Story of My Tits), Derf Backderf (My Friend Dahmer), and Frederik Peeters (Blue Pills). The conversation went through aspects of the autobiography, starting from the broad strokes of the genre to the practical parts of creating the material. The intricacies of autobiography were explored by the panelists, engaging with the complexities of universality, authenticity, portrayal, and its effectuation of narrative against real life.

"It's funny because I lived"

EUROPEAN COMICS AND THE ABSURD featured Joan Cornella, Bendik Kaltenborn and Brecht Vandenbroucke. The presentation started out with a depiction by one of the artists of the panelists fighting on stage, which set the tone perfectly for the discussion of the mood, tone and aesthetics of the artists’ work. The artists presented their work, discussing the navigation between editorial and personal pieces, the synthesis of their voice in their practice, and audience reception. 

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