Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jack Kirby Layout Sketch

 Small Layout sketch for the Jack Kirby Comic Bio
Pages 1-3
Added in*
0(interviewer)*: ...And what about your childhood Jake? What was that like?
1: Well, one of the biggest mistakes I could make back then was being born short.
2: Why would that be a mistake?
3: Being born on the east side of New York, the big kids basically owned the streets. being
short was a mistake because every other boy was bigger than you.
4: The big kids had fun beating up smaller guys like me.
5: I made up for by being mean as possible. Gave them a taste of their own medicine
6: For me, the feeling was very stimulating.
7: Did you really fancy yourself as a scrapper?
8: Yeah, I would even wait for bigger guys behind a brick wall, and beat the crap out of
9:I ran like hell afterwards. Back then, refining my meaniness helped my ego. Everyone
needed a little ego.
Pages 4-6
10: I felt like I deserved an ego, which lead me going to the gym.
11: I mostly did boxing, and became real good at it. Now only that wrestling too.
12: Later on I joined the army, and became the best of my class in close-combat.
13: Out of the class of 27, along with another student, I graduated from judo class.
14: Now, at the time of your early teens Superman came out right?
15: Yeah, everyone knew Superman. It was a big hit!
16: Did you know how the comic became famous?
17: From what I remember, two massager boys from Ohio submitted the first 10-page story.
But the magazine wasn't solely about comics, but it had to be shorted to 6 pages. The first
few days, their magazine sold out.
18: The polishers had no idea what sold out their latest issues. So after submitting two
more Superman in their next magazines, and found out it was Superman!
19: That comic, and the comics that came after Superman, we're the mental backbone for guys
who couldn't make it- or felt it. It inspired strength in ego.
20: So that means it encouraged to be involved in comic books
21: Yeah it did. It galvanized me!

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