Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Personal Comic: Rapunzel Sketch - Devon Bragg

My personal project spans over a time of 5-6 years. From sophomore year of HS to now, and it is about my transformation from a "shell" to the true me.  I chose to do this (pretty sad) comic because I believe that in order to create art, any type, you need to accept yourself, all of it. Your art should have a piece of you in it each time; and this comic is all of me. 

Titled "Rapunzel", the point is that although now I am happy, energized and kind of funny (depending on who you ask), my life hasn't been a fairytale. And that something, that so many love (long hair) was a burden for me, and kept reminding me of the old me. This comic touches on main events in my past, however my history actually much more detailed. But these events formed who I am today, and even though it was awful at the time, I don't regret the bullies, or the sad days, because, without those, I wouldn't know how truly happy one person could be. 

I remember those 6 years rather black and white because for me is was a series of monochromatic events, and there was no life in me (plus they are memories). So when I do use color, it is a very vivid memory I have and I am trying to demonstrate the energy that resurrected me. 

Upon arriving to MICA, I met many people who had a very similar backstory to mine, and that both saddened me, and comforted me. I knew if they could change, so could I, and if I could change so could they. It's hard to rise up from the ashes, anyone who tells you different doesn't know anything. 

Bullies will always exist in some shape or form, and you know what, thank you bullies, for showing me how great I am, and how powerful I can be. 

Thank you Bigforehead and Witchbitch, this one is for you guys. 

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