Thursday, November 24, 2016

Virginia Gagnon-Adaptation-Final sketches

Page 1 (Panel 4):
-Old Man: “Hello?”
-Young Man: “Hello.”
Page 1 (Panel 5):
-Old Man: “Trap many foxes?”
-Young Man: “A few.”
Page 2 (Panel 1)
-Young Man: “Want a drink?”
Page 2 (Panel 2)
-Old Man: “Cane liquor?”
-Young Man: “The best!”
Page 3 (Panel 4)
-The Gold Merchant: “Good Afternoon!”
-Old Man: “Afternoon!”
Page 7 (Panel 1)
-Young man: “What’s the matter you’re shaking all over?”
Page 7 (Panel 2)
-Old man: “The drink has made me cold, perhaps another drink will warm me”
Page 7 (Panel 4)
-Young man: “This is my last expedition.”
-Old Man: “Made much money?”
-Young man: “Can’t complain.”
-Old man: ”I came this way five years ago on my way north and lost all my money.”
-Young man: “How did that happen?”
-Old Man: “I don’t know it was all in gold”
Page8 (Panel 2)
Young man: “I don’t think anyone ever gets out of here”
Page8 (Panel 3)
“Like a lamb to the slaughter”
Page8 (Panel 6)
Young Man: “He’s going crazy!”
Old man: “He’s not a good horse and he’s easily scared”
Page8 (Panel 7)
Young man: “Well Goodbye”
Old man: “Goodbye”

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