Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Story Adaptation- The Son by Horacio Quiroga- Susannah Indyk

Page 1: 

Panel 2: 
Father: "Be careful, little one."
Son: "Yes, papa."

Panel 3: 
Father: "Come back by noon."
Son: "Yes, papa."

Page 3:

Panel 5: 
Father: "Two fewer doves in the woods..."

Page 4:

Panel 5: 
Father: "He's not back yet..."

Panel 6:
"He'll get home soon... he always does what I say..."
"It is easy, so easy, to lose track of time in the woods..."

Panel 7: 
" sit on the ground for a while, resting, not moving..."

Panel 8:
"...not moving..."

Page 5:

Panel 3:

Page 6:

Panel 2:
"Son... my boy..."

Panel 4:
Father: "My little boy..."
Son: "Poor papa..."

Panel 5: 
Father: "Why didn't you watch the sun to keep track of the time?"
Son: "I looked papa, but I saw herons and followed them.
Father: "What have you put me through, my son?"
"and the herons, did you kill them?"
Son: "No..."

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