Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Harry Clarke Bio-Layout- Virginia Gagnon

Rough Script: 

        (1)Harry Clarke was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1889 to Brigid and Josua Clarke.
        (2) He grew up playing with his brother Walter Clarke in his father's Decorative Glass company's studio. 

Page 2: 
        (3) He attended Belvadere College until his mother died suddenly when he was only fourteen.
        (4) He then apprenticed at his father's decorative glass company,
        (5) And later studied at the Dublin Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Page 3:
         (6) Quickly Clarke became nationally renown for his richly colored stained glass windows... 

Page 4:
         (7)...and narrative illustrations. 

Page 5:
         (8) After the death of his father and later his brother, Clarke inherited  his father's glass company and made over 130 stained glass windows for display throughout Europe and the US. 
          (9)However years of poor health and exposure to dangerous chemicals took their toll,
          (10) And after contracting Tuberculosis he was forced to cease production on his art and moved to a Sanatorium in Switzerland.

Page 6:
          (11) After living there for two years Clarke feared his death was imminent. 
          (12) Desperate to not die while abroad he set off for Ireland.
          (13) He passed away in his sleep in Char, Switzerland at the age of 41. 

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