Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Alle's Personal story second rough

Pg1: I was born Feburary 12th 1992. Funny thing happened, my dad missed my birth for a sandwich. Everything seemed fine, but unknown to all my family and the doctors, I was born with a medical ticking time Bomb.

Pg2: There were some early signs. But the phrases "When you hear hoof beats, you think Horses, not Zebras." applies very well. I have haltiois, at first we though it was due to one of the more common reasons. The true reason was my liver was being taxed. I also suffered auditory hallucnations. Let me tell you, they aren't fun, especially when you're young and don't understand.

Pg3: The symptoms really started around Thanksgiving 2010. I noticed I was drooling more often. Then food kept on going down the wrong pipe more often than it should have.  Later in December, went my speech. It was becoming noticeably slurred. Feburary 2011, I found myself loosing my balance more often and my walk turned into a teeter. Fast forward to the beginning of August, and my fingers on my left hand was involuntarily contorting.

Pg4. August 27th, days before I was to return to MICA for my sophomore year, I woke up with classic signs of a stoke. Left side of body/face was unresponsive, my speech became an unintelligible slur, and I couldn't walk due to how poor my balance was. I recall the fear in my mom's eyes, and her taking me to the emergency room..

Pg5: Then there is a blank in my memory. One would think they'd remember just a life changing moment in their lives, but I don't

Pg6: I do recall the second day. Being frustrated with the IV drip in my hand, for I wanted to sleep on that side. I also had a fall risk bracelet, meaning I had to page a nurse every time I wanted to get out. And I do remember the physical therapy

Pg7: But I did get my answer. I have Wilson's disease. A rare autosomal recessive inherited disorder that causes too much copper to accumulate in one's liver, brain and other vital organs. I essentially have heavy metal copper poisoning and it will be something I'll have to deal with for the rest of my life.

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