Monday, February 27, 2017

Alle Luisi - Personal story - Rough layout/thumbnails + Script

My personal story will be about my Wilson's Disease diagnosis and the fact that there is a gap in my memory when I was admitted to the hospital. I remember going to the hospital, and my second day at the hospital, but not the first day. Final product shall be done in monochrome, using my copper coloured pencil.

Pg1: Explanation of what Wilson's Disease and how it effects my brain, speech, balance, hand, liver and general physical coordination.

Pg2: Early signs - "When you hear hoof beats, you think horses, not zebras." Sums up how we dealt with the early signs which were my halitosis: Due to my liver being stressed, not due to bacteria. Other sign were my auditory hallucinations

Pg3: When the symptoms really started showing up. Thanksgiving 2010, drooling a lot, and food was going down the wrong pipe more often than it should. December my speech was getting noticeably slurred. February 2011, I was loosing my balance. Early August 2011 my hand was showing signs of dystonia.

Pg4: August 27th, 2011. I woke up and I couldn't speak for my speech was so slurred, and I could barley walk without falling down/swaying very badly. I recall the fear in my mom's eyes as she said "We're taking you to the emergency room."

Pg5: (Blank page, only text.) I don't recall getting into the car, or going to the emergency room. One would think they would remember such an important life changing event but I don't.

Pg6: I do remember day 2 in the hospital. I remember trying to sleep on my side but my IV drip making it unconformable. I also had a "fall risk" bracelet put on me, meaning I had to page a nurse every time I wanted to get up. I had to use the bathroom really badly, and the nurse was taking too long to get to my room, so I got up to the bathroom myself. The nurse wasn't to happy when I told her that I went by myself without her.

Pg7: I was diagnosed, and discharged after a week in the hospital. I finally had answers to what was wrong with me. A chapter of my life ended and a new chapter started.

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