Thursday, December 1, 2016

Adaption Final Layouts

(1) They say Tierra del Fuego has a curse on it…

(2) Something always happens to those who try to leave.

(3) Hello.

(4) Hello!

(5) Trap many foxes?

(6) A few!

(7) Made much money?

(8) Can’t complain.

(9)  This is my last trapping expedition. After this, I’m going north to get married!

(10) Want a drink?

(11) Cane liquor?

(12) The best!

(13) He’d had a bad season that year in Tierra del Fuego.

(14) Good afternoon!

(15) Afternoon!

(16) No thanks I don’t drink!

(17) I have to head this way. Bye for now!

(18) Bye.

(19) What’s the matter?

(20) The cane liquor… I drank it to warm me, and it’s made me feel colder.

(21) There’s some left, if you want it.

(22) I came this way five years ago on my way north and lost all my money!

(23) I don’t think anyone ever gets out of here.

(24) This time, I can’t fail!

(25) One of us is going to get out of here, and it won’t be him!

(26) I won’t get gooseflesh this time!

(27) He’s gone crazy! What’s the matter with him?

(28) He’s too easily scared.

(29) I’ll be going this way now. Goodbye!

(30) Goodbye.

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